This is Breast Cancer awareness month and Pinky is the perfect pace to GET YOUR PINK On! Pink ponchos, wraps,dresses, tops, jackets, mittens, gloves and more! PINK,PINK, PINK all month long!

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Pinky of Greenwich was born...  after the marriage of my two greatest passions... color (specifically pink) and beautiful ribbons.  Originally, I hand wove colorful ribbons into decorative pillows. This then evolved into the creation of handbags. The Pinky collection continued to develop and began to include fabrics such as European faux fur, animal prints, "Chanel" inspired tweeds, florals, Pucci prints and more. While the look is clearly classic, an added detail is essential and has now turned into my trademark "Bow"  which now is a must, and nothing is ever made without a ribbon on it somewhere. 

As time has passed our merchandise assortment has expanded greatly and now we carry the most up to date collections from women's apparel collections which include designer brands Barbara Gerwit, Julie Brown and many different accessories, handbags and jewelry. Our new collection of enamel jewelry, hand bags both leather and faux, dresses, silk jackets, tops, tunics and much more!  Hope you will peruse, enjoy, and think PINK!